Corona Tests before Flights and Antibodies Identification Tests

Private people, organizations and companies in need of Corona tests before flying abroad will be able to undergo a Rapid COVID-19 test (Antigen) and an RT-PCR Test for identifying the virus and/or serological tests to check the existence of antibodies against the virus.  The details are below.

The suggested tests

Corona tests before flying abroad and tests to check if there are antibodies after vaccination or if the “recovering person” definitions according to the Israel Ministry of Health are met.

The suggested tests:

· Rapid COVID-19 test (Antigen) test a quick test for identifying current disease or for passengers who fly abroad – according to your flight company requirements and/or local policies in your destination.

· Corona test: RT-PCR for testing a current disease or for passengers who fly abroad – to rule out the disease before the flight.

· A serologic test for people who have been vaccinated and for people who recover from Corona: The purpose of the test is to check whether the subject developed IgG antibodies against Corona following a vaccination or a disease.  When the test is performed on a person who was vaccinated against Corona, it must be performed two weeks from being vaccinated for the first time, and one week from being vaccinated for the second time.  The test is also right for people who became ill with Corona, recovered and are now interested in checking whether they meet the requirements for the definition of a “recovering person” according to the Israel Ministry of Health.  It is effective to perform this test one month after a positive result in the Corona RT-PCR Test was received.

So why should Hadassah Medical perform tests for organizations and companies

·      A reference letter from a physician is unnecessary.

·      An option for expedited results

·      The most reliable tests

·      The medical environment of Hadassah

·      Issuing a health passport for passengers who fly abroad

The tests will be performed in the Hadassah Medical Facilities in Jerusalem (with no need for an appointment) or in Ramat Gan (through an appointment that will be coordinated in advance).  In addition, Corona tests can be coordinated with extra payment in homes or in offices.

בדיקה קורונה לפני טיסה - הדסה מדיקל

How to make an appointment

In odrer to schedule an appointment for a Covid-19/Serology test, our call center is available Sunday-Thursday 08:00-18:00 and during Fridays 08:00-12:00, at *3811 or 972-3-6077222. We are also available through email, at:

Cases of Emergency

When service is needed regular business hours or during weekends, please text/Whatsapp to +972-50-8946609

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